Tuesday, 8 June 2010

new port

Well I finally got a subclavical port put in today. We went down to Dr Munoz clinic in TJ to get it done. The surgeon was really quick and good. I was scared shitless as the thought of putting a tub down my vein into somewhere in the centre of my chest is a bit scary! It was painless but I did feel it when it popped down into my chest somewhere. Creepy. It's all good though as now I don't have to have sore veins and wait 4 hours for a drip to get done. It's a lot quicker and painless this way.

I have been feeling a bit rubbish since I had to a 4 day break between treatments. I felt ok for 2 days and then felt myself going down hill again. I am glad to be getting on again with a super IV treatment I cant really spill the beans about plus high dose vit C and K3 and artisinate. I have been sleeping really bad lately. I hope that improves.

I have acupuncture tomorrow which will be good and more IV. Dillon is so three years old right now and can't sit still for a second. He does like to play UNO and goes to the park a lot. He is looking like a tan, blond California boy right now. Dee is holding it all together.
More again soon. We are moving houses this weekend.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Slowly Slowly

Things are going ok here. I have my sister and her partner visiting for the weekend which is great. The weather is nice as usual and we have managed quite a few outings this week. I had acupuncture on Friday which was really helpful with my energy levels. I have been feeling really wiped out. I am sleeping really badly which is so frustrating. There are good things starting to show though. I am not nauseous anymore and I am eating more. I don't have night sweats and my abdomen is a little less swollen. I am still really uncomfortable with my liver enlarged though. It's hard to get comfortable.

This week I started another med along with the Vit C +K3. It has a very good track record for shrinking liver tumours fast. Problem is I can't shrink stuff too fast as my spleen and liver need to be able to cope. I did it for 3 days straight and am now taking 3 days off. My spleen is hurting a bit so I think it's trying to cope with die off. It is also tiring. My veins are getting really tired though so I am going to get a PICC line in hopefully mon or tuesday. We are still waiting for the damn chemicles to come in that Dr Gammill needs to make up the slam dunk IV treatment we are hoping will kick this cancers ass. It was supposed to come in on FRI promised the company. Arg, it did not so it will be early next week. One of these days I will get started on it. I am not going downhill though which is lucky as we have a wait going on here. The other things I am doing seem to be helping for sure.

Dillon has a new friend we have been hanging out a lot with and he is really having fun. He is so tired out every day. More friends are planning visits and we are looking at a place tomorrow to rent temporarily as this place we are staying in now we will have to vacate on the 14th. Looks like a cute little place.

A lot of cool fundraising stuff is still happening. I need to write more about it. I really appreciate all the love and support. I am just still quite a bit tired everyday and don't always have energy to reply to emails and write stuff. I hope everyone understands. much love -nat

Monday, 31 May 2010

Up and down

Hi there friends and family. Things have been very up and down here. I have been doing IV vit C + K3 and another drip as well. It takes for ever to get in me and makes me really cold! It totally takes it out of me because I get quite a bit of cancer die off and I usually have to sleep most of the next day. Plus I get nauseous as well. My spleen has a hard time dealing with too much die off so we kinda have to go easy. I get pain in my spleen as well when it's working hard.

I was having swelling in my abdomen which was scary but it seems to have gone down a bit. My sinus problem seems to be going away and I am not too nauseous most of the time. My ankles were swelling last week but they seem to be better now. I am definitely having a big problem with my liver inflammation though. It's enlarged, hard and uncomfortable. I hate it. It's pushing up against the top of my ribcage and hurts. I might have to take steroids to reduce the swelling. Liver is still working though. I don't think anything is growing at this point but I am getting side effects from the tumours in my liver. It's hard not to feel cranky and scared and I am tired all the time but having Sarah and Maggie here has helped a lot. They are going home Tuesday. Poo.

So all in all the IV vit C is helping and I generally feel better except for the damn hard liver. We are waiting on chemicals still so Dr Gammill can make a few of his concoctions he is doing for me. It's Memorial Day Weekend of course so the mail won't be running. Always when you are waiting for something important!

The house we are staying at in Del Mar is awesome and cozy and we will be sad to leave it. Dillon is doing great and loving playing with Sarah and Maggie. They have a great time. I wish I could join in more but I just need to rest and get better. We have been eating lots of good food which is torture to me as I can only eat a little at a time. Not normal for me!

Oh I also wanted to mention that Dee's work Canham Consulting are such troopers and did an awesome fundraiser for the Team Natalie fund. They are all so great for diving into the task with such enthusiasm. A big thank you to the whole Canham team. We really appreciate it.


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Vit C + K

I am finally starting to feel good again after a nasty bout with the flu bug. I just can't fight anything off right now and it really takes it out of me. I have been struggling with nausea all week and throwing up a lot. I sometimes can't tell what is side effects of liver cancer or this bug. I managed to eat breakfast though and don't feel nauseous today so I am hoping it's behind me for now. I have not been eating much so I am not really sticking to my diet as I need to just eat what I can and what will stay in. I have barely been able to take my meds and anything that tastes a bit funny still aint going in me as my gag reflex is a bit high. Sorry for gory details.

Dr Gammill started me on IV Vit C + K infusions the last two days which is helping me feel better I think. It should get us started on killing cancer cells while we are trying to order chemicels for some of the other treatments he will be starting me on. Unfortunately ordering is going slow as they are having a hard time getting ahold of some of the stuff as a lot of it is out of stock. Probably because of the recession. Hopefully we can find these much needed items soon so we can get started!

I am trying to build up my strength so I can do infrared saunas at the Mango Retreat house. If I did one now I think I would pass out. It can be very effective treatment for shrinking tumours but you kinda need to push it and use some other items to kick it up a bit. It's basically hyperthermia and Vincent is well educated in this area. I just need to be a bit stronger! It's sitting in a sauna with 140+ temperature!

My close friend Maggie is here helping entertain Dillon and just for emotional support. It's good to have her here. Sarah is coming next week.

I love my friends and my hubby!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Finally a good day

I finally feel good today! Something is kicking in. Is it the Cellquest, Cantron, Avemar or the higher dose bindweed called VacuStatin? Probably all of them. My ear/sinus infection seems to be clearing. My mom figured out my weird cough is broncial inflammation probably as ibuprfren really helps. I don't feel nauseous today and am eating good. I have to eat little and often though as my liver is pressing my little stomach flat. Damn it's hard because I LOVE FOOD. I am getting it in though. My energy levels are much better as well. Just an overall sense of wellness. It's a good sign. Lets hope it keeps up. I am really hating the juicing these days though where it never bothered me much. I think maybe because I threw up a juice a few days ago and that can really ruin it for you. Gotta get back into it as I need to do it for the diet. I am craving eggs and cheese and sometimes burgers. I never had this problem much before as I have had a very restricted diet for like a year but I think it's because I am really hungry now. It's a balance!

Dillon and Dave (dee) are good. Wearing eachother out. It's a bit sad because Dillon really seems to be catching on that I am not well and it's related to us being here. He askes me if I am OK all the time which is sweet and if I am ill. It's good that I had more energy today so I could play with and cuddle him more. He knows Vincent is helping mum. He is really good and Dee is amazing as usual. He took him to the car museum today in LA (we are here for the weekend visiting)and he loved it! He is old car obsessed.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Mexico Scan

Hello all. So on Monday my mother and I went to Mexico with Dr Gammill while Dee stayed behind to entertain Dillon. We had a hair-raising taxi drive through TJ to a imaging place and I can a digital CT done rather than a MRI as we really needed to see definition. That will be my last CT for a while. I got my films straight away and then back over to the San Diego Clinic where we looked over the films with Dr Munoz and talked to a surgeon.

The results were that I have no tumours anywhere else other than my spleen, liver and my skin and chest wall. Still a lot of places though and unfortunately my liver is pretty packed with tumours. Much worse than last CT in mid March. Damn. Surgery at the moment is out of question as it's too dangerous. Low dose chemo is on the back burner as it won't provide a total remission at this point and a bit risky as we need to get shrinkage now. So not the best of news really. Alas it's on to new things to try and Dr.Gammill and I are workin on a new plan. If something doesn't work you got to be able to switch it up. I will still be using a lot of things like the upping the angiogenisis inhibitors but adding some other things to it and going on a really restrictive diet. I am going on a high oxalic acid diet which acts as a natural chemotherapy. If done correctly it can shrink tumours. I hope it works! I will also be doing some other things with Dr. Gammill.

I am also adding Cellquest a banana sap drink, Avemar, Cantron, Urea, high dose of sea cucumber extract and a few other things.

All in all I am feeling ok right now. I have a little trouble eating as my liver is squishing my stomach so it's a little food often. Energy is getting better. I still have a damn ear/sinus infection that just won't go though. No pain though or any discomfort. I just wish I had my old energy back.

Friday, 7 May 2010

We made it

Well we finally made it. It was a long ol journey from Norfolk to Los Angeles. Dee's brother and his wife Emily drove us to the airport the day before and we stayed in a stinky travelodge overnight. It was a early wake up call to get to the airport and Dillon was so excited about going on the plane he didn't stop talking for...well he just didn't stop talking. Because of the ash cloud we had to fly a bit southwards first to avoid it thus extending a already long flight to about 12 hours! That's a direct flight as well. Dillon was really good for about the first 9.5 hours and even managed to sleep a bit but then really started to loose it. He repeated for a half an hour straight that he wanted to get off the plane and go home now. We finally distracted him with a cake making game we found on our computer. The next 2.5 hours were the longest ever! They only fed us twice as well! It was all crap food I could hardly eat as well and was staving by the time we got off. We all managed to pick up a cough due to germs and lack of sleep but thankfully Dillon and I managed to sleep 12 hours last night and feel a bit better. Poor Dee feel asleep at 8:30pm and woke at like 2:30am though so he is gonna drag this afternoon. All in all we are doing good and are at our friends Deanna and Emma's even though they aren't here!

Monday MRI in Mexico. Flippin scared about that one.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010


just talked to Dr Gammill who has been discussing my case with a few surgeon and other doctors. Looks like surgery is the first thing that needs to happen. Totally scary. It will be very major. We need $25,000 to get started. Ouch and then more to deal with the rest of the tumours. We gotta do what we gotta do. Not so happy though but I am having trouble eating now so something has to happen. We start Monday. We will be in LA thurs staying at a friends house.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Off we go

Ok, so I just can't stop panicking about every pain every cough and every twitch. I am so worried I will have liver failure and loose my chance at recovery that we decided to just say sod it lets just go. We are getting tickets flying into Los Angeles on Thursday May 6th and traveling down to San Diego soon after to meet with Dr Gammill and start making some appointments. First thing is to get a MRI done so we can see what is going on inside me and figure out where the cancer has spread to (hopefully no where new!). Then we will discuss the surgery option as well as working with Dr Gammill and another Dr in Mexico to get started on IPT as well as high dose IV vit C infusions and other things. That will be for 2 months and then we will reassess things from there.

Dillon is coming with us and my mom is meeting us down there. Dillon is excited for the plane journey. I am looking forward to getting started. Generally though I am feeling ok. The pain is really minimal right now which is good and my cough I think is from a sinus infection I have been battling for months now. I just got some antibiotics to help clear it. It's obvious my spleen ain't workin. Damn. My energy levels are not great and I am a bit anemic but generally I am not too bad. Lets get started!

Thanks for everyones amazing generosity and donations. It's been really touching. I can't believe how many people are helping us out. We feel loved.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

wrong spelling

sorry, i am a horrible speller and got Methylglyoxal wrong. I have corrected it now if you want to look it up on your favorite search engine.


Is it me or do some of my chest tumours feel smaller! Having some god damn pain in my liver and spleen today though. Hello ibuprophren.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

PORTLAND!! Two awesome benefits coming up!

The Need and Bangs are both re-uniting for a Team Natalie benefit show, July 23rd at Berbati's Pan in Portland, OR. Also on the bill are C Average and Thrones! This is going to be HUGE!! Get your tickets now: right here.

Also, tomorrow night (friday april 30th) there is going to be a raging dance party at Valentine's in pdx with proceeds from the bar going to the fund. Playing records will be your buddies Dj Magic Beans (maggie vail), Dj Books (justin trosper), and Dj Miss U (me!).. lots of soul and punk. Come boogie for a great cause!
xo sarah u.

big decisions

I haven't had much time to do an update these days but I am sitting in the car with a snoozin kid in our driveway! So I have a bit of time to write. Things aren't going super great. I am still waiting to get some important supplements like sea cucumber extract and more pau d'arco tea. The silly ash cloud really buggered up my orders and I haven't been able to get my full protocol going. My cancer is still moving at a rather quick pace. I thought it slowed for a bit but then I got a chest infection and the cancer took that opportunity to grow. It's so scary how aggressive it is.

I am having a big issue with time. I need just a few more months to really see how this protocol is going to work and I am not sure I have a few months. My liver tumours are now big enough for me to feel with my hands as well as my spleen. I am starting to get pain and a bit of nausea. A new tumour popped up in my leg and I think I now have one in my right ovary as well. I am terrified that my spleen will burst and no doctors here in the UK will remove it. They are just offering more chemo to see if it will help. They are not that confidant. They said that's why they never pushed chemo much in the first place as nothing works that great for angiosarcomas. It's a really beast of a disease. This has not put me off though or made me feel like I am going to die. I just feel the need to make the right decisions and move rather quickly. I just need more bloody time!

After talking to Dr Gammill on the phone we decided to start me on Methylglyoxal. He sent me home with two bottles of it in case this sort of situation. It should work rather quick and hopefully stop things. Google it for more info. It's very interesting and Dr Gammill has very good results with it. This should buy me some time. The next thing we are looking at is going to America for Insulin Potentiated Low Dose Chemotherapy. Dr Gammill would oversea this adventure and it will be administered at the San Diego Clinic in Mexico. The bad thing about this is that it could take up to a year and it's bloody expensive. We will have to move temporarily to the States. I love my home here and it really breaks my heart to have to uproot Dillon and Dee's life but hea, we have to do what it takes. There is a lot to figure out on that end. We have two fantastic dogs, a house and a mortgage to work out. Plus Dillon's grandparents will be so upset not to see their grandson every week like they do now. Unfortunately, I do think this is the best treatment for me and I don't want to continue to underestimate this disease. It's not your normal cancer and I don't want to be slow at attacking it with everything we got at this point. I am on the edge of things going very badly. Lucky I still feel fit to travel but I don't want to get any worse at all. Pain is very scary as well.

You may be wondering why I don't take the chemo offered here in the UK and the reason is that it will totally destroy my immune system, create drug resistance that would bugger up my chance of doing low dose chemo in the future and it just doesn't really work! Insulin potentianted low dose chemo on the other hand will be a slow but safer way to administer chemo and it won't have the massive damaging effect on my immune system as full dose. It will still could have it's side effect and still disrupt my immune system a little bit but not nearly as bad as high dose. I am in danger with my spleen not working. If I wreck my immune system and have a spleen that doesn't work and I get an infection it could very easily kill me. Look up IPT for more info on this type of chemo. Unfortunately I will still need to get my spleen removed to help things along and try to get any other tumours we can remove out as well. This costs more money and more scary surgery. I am not happy about this but again, do I want to mess around with this cancer? I need to do what it takes.

So that's where we are at at the moment. Things may change again, you never know! It seems to change from one week to the next. I will try to keep you updated. Be on the lookout for fundraising adventures my fantastic friends are doing and if you have any clever ideas let me know. We will need to raise quite a bit of money because we could be looking at spending $75,000 in the next year. Ouch!

By the way the angoigenesis things I am taking are really fascinating. Look them up if your interested.
Bind Weed
Sea Cucumber Extract
Shark Liver Oil
Green Tea Extract
Bovine Cartilage
(no shark cartilage as it's really expensive and totally disgusting)
Tannic Acid
am I forgetting one?

Thanks for all your lovely support!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Appt with Royal Marsden

We had a nightmare journey getting to London yesterday for our appoitment with the Sarcoma unit at the London Royal Marsden. It took us 5 hours to get to our appointment and we were 1 hour late! They were very nice there but would not even consider any type of surgery or radio frequency ablation for my liver (too many tumours. They just offer chemo. It looks like not too bad of a chemo (TAXOL)where you get it once a week and it doesn't make you loose your hair or damage your immune system but you get resistance to it pretty quick. That's one to keep in the back pocket but I don't think I will be doing it yet.

We are still concentrating on angiogenesis inhibitors. All the research we have been doing points in this direction. We need to get many different types of angiogenesis inhibitors and take large doses of it and boost my immune system. I have also upped my dose of Thalidamide to 200mg as we found a study of a woman who acheived complete remission on 200mg for 4 weeks. Doesn't work for everyone but I am giving it a try. IT does make me feel a little weird though and a bit tired.

If I can get shrinkage this way then we may consider doing IPT or low dose chemo to try to kill the remaining cells. This is a clever way to do chemo as you don't get drug resistance and no side effects if done properly. They use insulin to bring the chemo into the cancer cells as cancer loves sugar. I am getting a genetic test done tomorrow in London that will test me for any chemotherapy agents and natural treatments that I am compatible with. If any really stand out then we will probably go this route at some point.

This all may change depending on results but this is what we are working on now.

Friday, 9 April 2010

The plan so far

So we are back home now and all geared up on getting me healed from this damn beast. We did a big shop at the homeopathic pharmacy in LA so I could get started right away on the angiogenesis inhibitors as well as other things to fight cancer and boost immune function. I will list it all below. I am taking 61 pills a day at the moment although we may be able to get that down a bit with finding higher doses of things.

As far as what was concluded in our last meeting with Dr Gammill we have a few decisions to make. I really need to get the tumour load down so my body has a chance to fight back. My spleen is the most obvious place to start as I can loose it without major problems. I am not too happy about this but I chance my spleen bursting if I don't get it removed. So we need to find a doctor in the UK who will agree to remove it for me. One of the downfalls of Nationalised Medicine is that you can't just ask for proceedures to be done. They have to agree to it. Now to deal with the tumours in my liver we are looking at Radio Frequency Ablation. I found a few places that do this on the NHS so I just need to get a doctor to refer me to one. They can blast many small tumours in the liver this way. It just takes one overnight stay.

For the tumours on my chest we are looking at conformal radiation or IMRT or gamma knife radiation. This type of radiation has minimal damage to the body as it targets just the tumour and not any other area. I am hoping what I am doing myself at home will shrink the tumours but these are my options to give my body a break so I can fight the rest of the cancer floating around in my blood. If I can't get these things done on the NHS (which is a big possibility)then we will go to China (yes China!)where they have all this really high tech equipment but for a lot cheaper than going private in England. Dr Gammill sends people over there all the time. China could cost around $20,000.

Once I get the majority of the tumours out of my body then I will continue on with all my home medicines and hope that it will keep the tumours from coming back. Healthy diet, healthy lifestyle free of chemicals and keeping constant tabs on my cancer will be the way forward. I can't ever get complacient about it.

I have a few doctors appoitments coming up where I will be discussing this plan and hopefully I will find someone who will agree to this. If not we are going to China!

Here is the list of stuff I am taking....

Selium 500mcg promotes apoptosis
Vitamine E Succinate 1000mg promotes apoptosis
Vitamine C 3000mg immune function
Zinc 50mg immune function
Vit D3 1000mg promotes apoptosis and immune defense
Tri Magnesium 600mg immune
N-Acetyl L-Cysteine 1200mg immune function
DHA(codliver oil) 500mg general health
DHEA 10mg adreanal function
Iodine 2 drops needed for everything!
Evening Primrose 1000mg cancer fighter
Cell Forte (IP6+Isodol) 6 pills boosts immune and cancer fighter
Lipotropic Complex 6 day helps with liver
Bromelain 850mg anti-inflamitory and cancer fighter
DIIM 4 day promotes apoptosis and angiogenesis inhibitor
Beta Glucan 1000mg immune function
Immunity Mushroom 2 day immune function
Thymunex 3 spray day immune function
CoQ10 200mg many things
Curcumin w/bioperine 5.6gm angiogenesis inhibitor
Shark Cartalage 5.250gm angiogenesis inhibitor
Captopril 75mg angiogenesis inhibitor
Thalidomide 1 pill angiogenesis inhibitor
Green tea 1000mg apoptosis
Hoxeys Formula cancer fighter
Astragalus 1 dropper 3xday
Echinacea Goldenseal 1 dropper 5xday for one week
Fermented Soy Protein powder 4 tblsp day cancer fighter
Bitter Almond Oil with cyclodextrin 4 day kills cancer
Greens Powder and Spirulina
Paul d’Arco Tea 10tblsp day immune function

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Olympia! Come out to this rad show on Saturday and help make $$ for the fund! xo sarah u.

DJ night at Valentines in Portland

Shortly after Sarah Utter's art opening at Land we'll be moving the fun over to Valentines for a dance party extraordinaire to benefit Natalie Cox and help her fight cancer. So come and dance and drink up for Nat - a portion of the bar's proceeds go directly to her.

DJ Miss U (aka Sarah Utter)
DJ Books (ak...a Justin Trosper)
DJ Magic Beans (aka Maggie Vail)

Start Time:
Friday, 30 April 2010 at 21:30
End Time:
Saturday, 01 May 2010 at 02:30
Valentines in PORTLAND OR

Carli Davidson invited you to the event "Pet Photo Fundraiser for Natalie Cox!"

Carli says, "This is a great cause and a cheap -o photo package! Shoot me an email to make an appointment for April 18th, 100% of proceeds go to help Natalie fight cancer!".

Event: Pet Photo Fundraiser for Natalie Cox!
What: Fundraiser
Start Time: 18 April at 09:30
End Time: 18 April at 21:30
Where: $75 for a studio shoot and a processed photo!

Fundraiser for Natalie Cox! Cheap pet photos! All proceeds go to cancer treatment!

Natalie is currently living in England, and getting special cancer treatments done in San Diego. All of the proceeds from this shoot will go to covering her travel and treatment costs! Spaces are limited to the first 15 people, so get in touch ASAP.

One day only, April 18th, Shoot is $75 dollars and includes a processed digital image. All species welcome.

Email me for appointments or details! carlidavidson@gmail.com

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Benefit Show

WHAT: Bands playing benefit for Team Natalie fund! (wish I could be there!)
WHEN: April 10th, 8:30pm
WHERE: 1611 4th, Olympia WA
Broken Water back from US Tour!
w/Nuclear Animals
Morgan and the Organ Donors
and Ferrari Sunrise (aka Kamilchee Chad) short set... don't miss it!

doors at 8:30, show time 9pm sharp

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Center for the Study of Natural Oncology

Ok, so as you know we are in Del Mar. Many of you might be wondering what we are doing here exactly. I wasn't too sure myself as I didn't know what to expect. We are basically staying in a family home in the suburbs of Del Mar which is kitted out with 3 private rooms, kitchen, study full of educational books, sauna, oxygen machine, other weird machines and all sorts of crazy stuff in cupboards. Vincent Gammill runs all of this basically and is a biochemist and a naturopath but very heavy on the chemist side of things and very very knowledgeable in natural oncology. He is very logic driven and doesn't work on theories. I like that. He is also not an egoist like you get with most people in the medical/science field and very trustworthy.

We have basically spent the first 3 days learning about cancer, diet, detox, mechanisms of action and talking a lot about ways to get at my cancer specifically. This is by inhibiting angiogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels) as my cancer is a cancer of the blood vessels. The tumours generate it's own blood vessels to keep it alive once it reaches a certain size. We want to stop that so they for one can't grow and spread and two so they shrink. This is totally doable. I have a big ol list right now of angiogenesis inhibitors. A few examples are curcumin, bindweed, capitrol, shark and bovine cartilage and thalidomide.

I also need to support my immune system and clear my body out of toxins and mycoplasma. I do need to try to kill cancer cells as well! There are many things that can do this and Vincent has a lab and makes up all sorts of crazy chemist concoctions that do this. I have many different things to try and if one thing doesn't work we go to an other. I can't even get into this as it's his stuff and hard to explain.

Other things I will be doing are drinking lots of Pau d'Arco tea. It's the proper kind that Vincent is supplying me. Also Zeolite, kelp/Iodine, milk thistle, orleander, aloe vera, , selenium, D3, astragalus, valine, super foods, omega 3/6 oils vitamins, green tea extract, blood root, cultered soy, hoxey herbal formula. So yeah, lots of stuff and more I haven't listed. My diet is already good so not much change in that. Just lots of veg, whole grains, colourful foods, an egg or two, fish now and again, maybe lamb and lots of just clean food. Basically what I have been doing already. Juicing and a green smoothie in the morning with lots of good stuff in it.

We are learning lots right now and the path is becoming clearer as to exactly what I will be doing. We are finalising a lot of stuff today and tomorrow.

All your awesome donations will be going towards paying for this week, plane tickets, medication, supplements, on-going treatment, a cancer profile test, follow up tests, travel, things to beef up our sauna for detoxing and immune support therapies like IV mistletoe.

By the way, I am already feeling a softening of the tumours on my chest as i have been drinking a shed load of pau d'arco tea and already started a few angiogenesis inhibitor drugs (capitrol and thalidomide). yeah!

Also, I would highly advise anyone with cancer to talk to Vincent and do this week long program. It's a lot to learn and you need to be willing to take your own health into your own hands. He knows his stuff and will work with you for life.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I have to say it's an understatement that I am totally overwhelmed with all the donations that are flooding in. People I don't even know are sending in money. What a community I have around me and what amazing friends I have. I can't really put into words my appreciation for the generosity of everyone. How do I thank everyone? I am not sure yet. All I know is that coming here to the Center for the Study of Natural Oncology is the best move we have made. We are learning a lot right now and slowly putting together a protocol. I am confidant I will beat this. It's not impossible. More details on how I will do this to follow. MAN!, Dee and I miss our son Dillon but we get to talk to him everyday on Skype. Thank you Skype for existing as we get lots of cyber kisses from overseas that makes me cry.

Overview incase your not up to date

This is the email I sent to my friends and family last week to update everyone on what was going on with me. If you are unfamiliar with what has happened in the last year I will quickly give an overview.

July 2008 I noticed a lump in my breast. Docs said not to worry as I was breast feeding and it didn't look cancerous under ultra-sound. They said come back if it hasn't gone away after I was done breast feeding. Well 9 months later I stopped and the lump grew very fast. It took a month to diagnose it and the doctors all thought that if it was cancer it would be mild. Ha! July 09 two days before my son's 2nd birthday I was told I had angiosarcoma. Well hemangiosarcoma to be exact. Big big tumour in my breast. I knew it had to go. This is a VERY rare cancer so not a whole lot of info out there on it. .01% of cancers in the world are this. It is caused by vinyl choloride and other enviromental toxins. I just happened to be working with vinyl fabric for the last hmmmm 8 years or so plus I did screen printing with plastisol inks with bad ventilation. Not a coincedence.

After a cat scan they found more tumours in my left breast. Right, both breasts had to go as this is a aggressive cancer and one that likes to come back and spread. I had the operation in late July. No other cancer was anywhere else that they could see. I was offered chemo which i declined as a lot of literature said chemo was not effective and I wasn't into the idea of poisioning myself in hopes my cancer died before I did. Radiation was another option but my chest wall was too square and my oncologist said they would get a lot of my lungs. We decided to watch and wait.

My husband and me got educated very fast on anti-cancer diets. We read and read and were overwhelmed with info. We decided I should try the Budwig diet. I did this and tracked my cancer with the HCG test done by Dr. Navarro. I thought everything was going ok as I felt great and no lumps were reappearing. Then in Jan 2010 I started feeling a bit tired and having a few issues. Those cleared up and then I got a cold in Feb which lasted all month and I notice a new possible lump. I went to the doctors who ordered another cat scan which was done in March. Well this is what I wrote two weeks ago.....

Dear friends and family who I haven't talked to already,
I found out last Monday that my cancer (angiosarcoma) has spread to my spleen and my liver. I have an enlarged spleen from the multiple tumours and many in my liver as well. I also have two now on my chest wall. I was told by my surgeons that there was nothing more they can do for me and told me to contact oncology to talk about chemo. They said this is not curable. That's what they say but I have never really believed doctors much. I am not a statistic, I am an individual. Many people have beat the odds and I intend on doing the same. I am still in good health with only a few bits of pains now and again and a bit of tiredness. Chemo will not cure me and it will not necessarily extend my life either (quality of life is more important to me) as this cancer is a weird bugger and not much of what conventional doctors can offer will help me.

The plan of action is this. We are flying to San Diego to meet up with The Center for the Study of Natural Oncology (www.natural-oncology.org) Wednesday. Dee and I are having a 5 day intensive program with a specialist to discuss my cancer, make a plan of action, do blood tests, look at my diet, detox, talk about treatment options and get them organised and a whole load of other things. They are a non-profit organisation (though this is not free!) and they really know their stuff. The plan is to stop the tumours blood supply therefore stopping the cancer spreading, then to organise treatments that will support and boost my immune system all without making me sick. They believe they can help me and achieve this. It will be a lot of work and not be too cheap either as it will all be out of pocket for us but hea it's only money. This is my life and I will do what it takes to raise Dillon with my best friend Dee. I have to be there to see Dillon grow up.

We will also be talking to the sarcoma unit at the Royal Marsden in London as well when we get back. They are all just being to slow for us. We are not against using a combination of natural/allopathic treatments as long as what we do actually works without killing me.

We could use your support, well wishing, healing thoughts and charitable donations or ideas on how to raise some money to help pay for drugs, supplements, travel costs and treatments. Maggie and Deanna will probably be helping out with that on the USA side. More info will be forthcoming. I will give everyone an update soon after we get back April 6th.


Hi, this is Sarah U. I'm a friend of Natalie Cox, and helping out a bit to set up this here bloggity blogg! Natalie is battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer called Angiosarcoma, and needs all the love and support of her friends and community. Let's help raise some funds for her treatment, so she can use her energy to focus on her family and health -- to donate directly to the cause, just send a paypal donation to midnighttosix@btinternet.com.

I kept trying to make a direct link to her paypal page, but blogger is being a real jerk about it! If I can figure out a direct link, I'll post it soon.

GO TEAM NATALIE! Please, feel free to post and re-post this site wherever you can!! We love you Nat.