Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I have to say it's an understatement that I am totally overwhelmed with all the donations that are flooding in. People I don't even know are sending in money. What a community I have around me and what amazing friends I have. I can't really put into words my appreciation for the generosity of everyone. How do I thank everyone? I am not sure yet. All I know is that coming here to the Center for the Study of Natural Oncology is the best move we have made. We are learning a lot right now and slowly putting together a protocol. I am confidant I will beat this. It's not impossible. More details on how I will do this to follow. MAN!, Dee and I miss our son Dillon but we get to talk to him everyday on Skype. Thank you Skype for existing as we get lots of cyber kisses from overseas that makes me cry.


  1. YES!! our little community is so amazing, isn't it? I'm so glad everything is going well at the Center. can't wait to hear the full report. thinking of you guys lots and sending tons of love.

  2. Nat! I'm just dropping you a note before I have to get ready for my ECT treatment tomorrow. I hope you have lots of good information and help in San Diego. I understand completely what it is like to want a less invasive type of treatment. I only went to doing ECT after turning it down for years because I was tired of the rigamarole and wanted to try something different. Anyhoo, I miss you tons and my luck, love, and good vibes are sent to you and your family. xoxo, Julie

  3. As a friend of Emily's, I heard of your diagnosis just after my own cancer diagnosis last summer. This disease takes so much from us but cannot take our will to live! You are an incredibly brave and determined lady. I'm willing you through this massive ordeal and wish you and your family all the luck in the world. Take great care and keep fighting! Tracey xx

  4. Natalie. Ugh. I miss you guys. Sending you some love from way back. Xo. Ashod.

  5. Natalie,

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Continue to stay strong and show your husband and children how much you love them.
    Life is precious.

    God bless.

    Jeff Nelson