Thursday, 1 April 2010

Center for the Study of Natural Oncology

Ok, so as you know we are in Del Mar. Many of you might be wondering what we are doing here exactly. I wasn't too sure myself as I didn't know what to expect. We are basically staying in a family home in the suburbs of Del Mar which is kitted out with 3 private rooms, kitchen, study full of educational books, sauna, oxygen machine, other weird machines and all sorts of crazy stuff in cupboards. Vincent Gammill runs all of this basically and is a biochemist and a naturopath but very heavy on the chemist side of things and very very knowledgeable in natural oncology. He is very logic driven and doesn't work on theories. I like that. He is also not an egoist like you get with most people in the medical/science field and very trustworthy.

We have basically spent the first 3 days learning about cancer, diet, detox, mechanisms of action and talking a lot about ways to get at my cancer specifically. This is by inhibiting angiogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels) as my cancer is a cancer of the blood vessels. The tumours generate it's own blood vessels to keep it alive once it reaches a certain size. We want to stop that so they for one can't grow and spread and two so they shrink. This is totally doable. I have a big ol list right now of angiogenesis inhibitors. A few examples are curcumin, bindweed, capitrol, shark and bovine cartilage and thalidomide.

I also need to support my immune system and clear my body out of toxins and mycoplasma. I do need to try to kill cancer cells as well! There are many things that can do this and Vincent has a lab and makes up all sorts of crazy chemist concoctions that do this. I have many different things to try and if one thing doesn't work we go to an other. I can't even get into this as it's his stuff and hard to explain.

Other things I will be doing are drinking lots of Pau d'Arco tea. It's the proper kind that Vincent is supplying me. Also Zeolite, kelp/Iodine, milk thistle, orleander, aloe vera, , selenium, D3, astragalus, valine, super foods, omega 3/6 oils vitamins, green tea extract, blood root, cultered soy, hoxey herbal formula. So yeah, lots of stuff and more I haven't listed. My diet is already good so not much change in that. Just lots of veg, whole grains, colourful foods, an egg or two, fish now and again, maybe lamb and lots of just clean food. Basically what I have been doing already. Juicing and a green smoothie in the morning with lots of good stuff in it.

We are learning lots right now and the path is becoming clearer as to exactly what I will be doing. We are finalising a lot of stuff today and tomorrow.

All your awesome donations will be going towards paying for this week, plane tickets, medication, supplements, on-going treatment, a cancer profile test, follow up tests, travel, things to beef up our sauna for detoxing and immune support therapies like IV mistletoe.

By the way, I am already feeling a softening of the tumours on my chest as i have been drinking a shed load of pau d'arco tea and already started a few angiogenesis inhibitor drugs (capitrol and thalidomide). yeah!

Also, I would highly advise anyone with cancer to talk to Vincent and do this week long program. It's a lot to learn and you need to be willing to take your own health into your own hands. He knows his stuff and will work with you for life.


  1. Natalie-
    We're all thinking of you and pulling for you. Thank you for your bravery in your mission and for sharing all of this valuable information. You're not only inspiring but you're teaching us.
    Sending tons and tons of love,
    M x

  2. Natalie, You are inspiring as a mother, a teacher, and a pillar of strength. You are in my thoughts. xo kimya

  3. I also make a strong pau d'arco tea, recipe from chinese herbalist,for my immune system that is much stronger than anything on the market. I take a huge handful of the Pau D'Arco bark--you can get it cheap cheap cheap in bulk from even Whole Foods. Put that into 1-2 qts of water, boil for 20 mins, them simmer for another 20. I usually add some rooibos or other anti-oxidant tea to take some of the earthy edge off--and then once it's done, strain it some, but leave some bark in there and put it in a pitcher or kettle--depending on whether I am drinking it hot or iced. I keep a pitcher in the fridge.

    I hope that this unsolicited info is useful.

  4. hi natalie!! what a great update. you and dee and dillon are in my thoughts everyday. IV mistletoe -- who knew?! so excited for all of these natural treatments you and vincent have chosen. i am working on my own detox because of you and your example!! Love, s.u.