Tuesday, 8 June 2010

new port

Well I finally got a subclavical port put in today. We went down to Dr Munoz clinic in TJ to get it done. The surgeon was really quick and good. I was scared shitless as the thought of putting a tub down my vein into somewhere in the centre of my chest is a bit scary! It was painless but I did feel it when it popped down into my chest somewhere. Creepy. It's all good though as now I don't have to have sore veins and wait 4 hours for a drip to get done. It's a lot quicker and painless this way.

I have been feeling a bit rubbish since I had to a 4 day break between treatments. I felt ok for 2 days and then felt myself going down hill again. I am glad to be getting on again with a super IV treatment I cant really spill the beans about plus high dose vit C and K3 and artisinate. I have been sleeping really bad lately. I hope that improves.

I have acupuncture tomorrow which will be good and more IV. Dillon is so three years old right now and can't sit still for a second. He does like to play UNO and goes to the park a lot. He is looking like a tan, blond California boy right now. Dee is holding it all together.
More again soon. We are moving houses this weekend.

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  1. You might find that some meditation techniques might help with the sleeping. You may be able to separate yourself from your pain for long enough to drop off to sleep, if that makes sense.

    Take care, stay strong x