Saturday, 5 June 2010

Slowly Slowly

Things are going ok here. I have my sister and her partner visiting for the weekend which is great. The weather is nice as usual and we have managed quite a few outings this week. I had acupuncture on Friday which was really helpful with my energy levels. I have been feeling really wiped out. I am sleeping really badly which is so frustrating. There are good things starting to show though. I am not nauseous anymore and I am eating more. I don't have night sweats and my abdomen is a little less swollen. I am still really uncomfortable with my liver enlarged though. It's hard to get comfortable.

This week I started another med along with the Vit C +K3. It has a very good track record for shrinking liver tumours fast. Problem is I can't shrink stuff too fast as my spleen and liver need to be able to cope. I did it for 3 days straight and am now taking 3 days off. My spleen is hurting a bit so I think it's trying to cope with die off. It is also tiring. My veins are getting really tired though so I am going to get a PICC line in hopefully mon or tuesday. We are still waiting for the damn chemicles to come in that Dr Gammill needs to make up the slam dunk IV treatment we are hoping will kick this cancers ass. It was supposed to come in on FRI promised the company. Arg, it did not so it will be early next week. One of these days I will get started on it. I am not going downhill though which is lucky as we have a wait going on here. The other things I am doing seem to be helping for sure.

Dillon has a new friend we have been hanging out a lot with and he is really having fun. He is so tired out every day. More friends are planning visits and we are looking at a place tomorrow to rent temporarily as this place we are staying in now we will have to vacate on the 14th. Looks like a cute little place.

A lot of cool fundraising stuff is still happening. I need to write more about it. I really appreciate all the love and support. I am just still quite a bit tired everyday and don't always have energy to reply to emails and write stuff. I hope everyone understands. much love -nat


  1. Hi, Natalee
    I came across you, because I was looking at any information about Vincent Gammill. My sister has cancer in her bones and has not been givin much time. A friend from church told me about Vincent, she actually worked for him. We are researching all of the options out there. Would you recommend this treatment? Do you have any input you would recommend as one of his patients? I will be praying for you, God Bless


  2. I am not sure how to reply to your email personally. I would definitely give Vincent a call. He doesn't commonly do treatments like he is doing for me as he usually consults and talks about how best to seek treatment. He is more than happy to help over the phone. Look up the Center for the Study of Natural Oncology.