Monday, 31 May 2010

Up and down

Hi there friends and family. Things have been very up and down here. I have been doing IV vit C + K3 and another drip as well. It takes for ever to get in me and makes me really cold! It totally takes it out of me because I get quite a bit of cancer die off and I usually have to sleep most of the next day. Plus I get nauseous as well. My spleen has a hard time dealing with too much die off so we kinda have to go easy. I get pain in my spleen as well when it's working hard.

I was having swelling in my abdomen which was scary but it seems to have gone down a bit. My sinus problem seems to be going away and I am not too nauseous most of the time. My ankles were swelling last week but they seem to be better now. I am definitely having a big problem with my liver inflammation though. It's enlarged, hard and uncomfortable. I hate it. It's pushing up against the top of my ribcage and hurts. I might have to take steroids to reduce the swelling. Liver is still working though. I don't think anything is growing at this point but I am getting side effects from the tumours in my liver. It's hard not to feel cranky and scared and I am tired all the time but having Sarah and Maggie here has helped a lot. They are going home Tuesday. Poo.

So all in all the IV vit C is helping and I generally feel better except for the damn hard liver. We are waiting on chemicals still so Dr Gammill can make a few of his concoctions he is doing for me. It's Memorial Day Weekend of course so the mail won't be running. Always when you are waiting for something important!

The house we are staying at in Del Mar is awesome and cozy and we will be sad to leave it. Dillon is doing great and loving playing with Sarah and Maggie. They have a great time. I wish I could join in more but I just need to rest and get better. We have been eating lots of good food which is torture to me as I can only eat a little at a time. Not normal for me!

Oh I also wanted to mention that Dee's work Canham Consulting are such troopers and did an awesome fundraiser for the Team Natalie fund. They are all so great for diving into the task with such enthusiasm. A big thank you to the whole Canham team. We really appreciate it.



  1. Thinking of you very much Natalie.
    Sending love,

  2. Hang in there Natalie. You are doing a great job of staying strong and positive. Many a battle was won in the mind :)
    Much love, Kim from Plug Studios