Sunday, 16 May 2010

Finally a good day

I finally feel good today! Something is kicking in. Is it the Cellquest, Cantron, Avemar or the higher dose bindweed called VacuStatin? Probably all of them. My ear/sinus infection seems to be clearing. My mom figured out my weird cough is broncial inflammation probably as ibuprfren really helps. I don't feel nauseous today and am eating good. I have to eat little and often though as my liver is pressing my little stomach flat. Damn it's hard because I LOVE FOOD. I am getting it in though. My energy levels are much better as well. Just an overall sense of wellness. It's a good sign. Lets hope it keeps up. I am really hating the juicing these days though where it never bothered me much. I think maybe because I threw up a juice a few days ago and that can really ruin it for you. Gotta get back into it as I need to do it for the diet. I am craving eggs and cheese and sometimes burgers. I never had this problem much before as I have had a very restricted diet for like a year but I think it's because I am really hungry now. It's a balance!

Dillon and Dave (dee) are good. Wearing eachother out. It's a bit sad because Dillon really seems to be catching on that I am not well and it's related to us being here. He askes me if I am OK all the time which is sweet and if I am ill. It's good that I had more energy today so I could play with and cuddle him more. He knows Vincent is helping mum. He is really good and Dee is amazing as usual. He took him to the car museum today in LA (we are here for the weekend visiting)and he loved it! He is old car obsessed.


  1. YESSSS! this post makes me so happy! can't wait to see you guys soon -
    xoxoxoxo s.u.

  2. Hey Nat...I don't know if you remember me, but we worked together at Starbucks way back. I used to really look up to you when I was a little 19 year old, you were a cool American with loads of tattoos (and you still are!). I heard that you're unwell, and then I saw your article in the EDP and hence found your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I hope you get better. Good luck in America with the treatment and as soon as I get paid I'm going to donate some money for you - I'm still poor but I hope it can help you even if it's just a little something. Stay strong! Jaycee x (ps: your little boy is adorable!) (pps: just in case you're thinking 'Yeah I really can't remember you!' - )