Thursday, 13 May 2010

Mexico Scan

Hello all. So on Monday my mother and I went to Mexico with Dr Gammill while Dee stayed behind to entertain Dillon. We had a hair-raising taxi drive through TJ to a imaging place and I can a digital CT done rather than a MRI as we really needed to see definition. That will be my last CT for a while. I got my films straight away and then back over to the San Diego Clinic where we looked over the films with Dr Munoz and talked to a surgeon.

The results were that I have no tumours anywhere else other than my spleen, liver and my skin and chest wall. Still a lot of places though and unfortunately my liver is pretty packed with tumours. Much worse than last CT in mid March. Damn. Surgery at the moment is out of question as it's too dangerous. Low dose chemo is on the back burner as it won't provide a total remission at this point and a bit risky as we need to get shrinkage now. So not the best of news really. Alas it's on to new things to try and Dr.Gammill and I are workin on a new plan. If something doesn't work you got to be able to switch it up. I will still be using a lot of things like the upping the angiogenisis inhibitors but adding some other things to it and going on a really restrictive diet. I am going on a high oxalic acid diet which acts as a natural chemotherapy. If done correctly it can shrink tumours. I hope it works! I will also be doing some other things with Dr. Gammill.

I am also adding Cellquest a banana sap drink, Avemar, Cantron, Urea, high dose of sea cucumber extract and a few other things.

All in all I am feeling ok right now. I have a little trouble eating as my liver is squishing my stomach so it's a little food often. Energy is getting better. I still have a damn ear/sinus infection that just won't go though. No pain though or any discomfort. I just wish I had my old energy back.


  1. Natalie,
    Thanks as always for sharing your journey, your strength and your mission with us. We're all on it too. It's truly inspiring to read your updates. Thinking of you often and sending all my positive energy to you.

  2. Our very best wishes to you all, Natalie. Sorry the liver's in such trouble, but keep your strength up and good luck with the new diet.
    John, Julii & family