Sunday, 2 May 2010

Off we go

Ok, so I just can't stop panicking about every pain every cough and every twitch. I am so worried I will have liver failure and loose my chance at recovery that we decided to just say sod it lets just go. We are getting tickets flying into Los Angeles on Thursday May 6th and traveling down to San Diego soon after to meet with Dr Gammill and start making some appointments. First thing is to get a MRI done so we can see what is going on inside me and figure out where the cancer has spread to (hopefully no where new!). Then we will discuss the surgery option as well as working with Dr Gammill and another Dr in Mexico to get started on IPT as well as high dose IV vit C infusions and other things. That will be for 2 months and then we will reassess things from there.

Dillon is coming with us and my mom is meeting us down there. Dillon is excited for the plane journey. I am looking forward to getting started. Generally though I am feeling ok. The pain is really minimal right now which is good and my cough I think is from a sinus infection I have been battling for months now. I just got some antibiotics to help clear it. It's obvious my spleen ain't workin. Damn. My energy levels are not great and I am a bit anemic but generally I am not too bad. Lets get started!

Thanks for everyones amazing generosity and donations. It's been really touching. I can't believe how many people are helping us out. We feel loved.

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