Saturday, 22 May 2010

Vit C + K

I am finally starting to feel good again after a nasty bout with the flu bug. I just can't fight anything off right now and it really takes it out of me. I have been struggling with nausea all week and throwing up a lot. I sometimes can't tell what is side effects of liver cancer or this bug. I managed to eat breakfast though and don't feel nauseous today so I am hoping it's behind me for now. I have not been eating much so I am not really sticking to my diet as I need to just eat what I can and what will stay in. I have barely been able to take my meds and anything that tastes a bit funny still aint going in me as my gag reflex is a bit high. Sorry for gory details.

Dr Gammill started me on IV Vit C + K infusions the last two days which is helping me feel better I think. It should get us started on killing cancer cells while we are trying to order chemicels for some of the other treatments he will be starting me on. Unfortunately ordering is going slow as they are having a hard time getting ahold of some of the stuff as a lot of it is out of stock. Probably because of the recession. Hopefully we can find these much needed items soon so we can get started!

I am trying to build up my strength so I can do infrared saunas at the Mango Retreat house. If I did one now I think I would pass out. It can be very effective treatment for shrinking tumours but you kinda need to push it and use some other items to kick it up a bit. It's basically hyperthermia and Vincent is well educated in this area. I just need to be a bit stronger! It's sitting in a sauna with 140+ temperature!

My close friend Maggie is here helping entertain Dillon and just for emotional support. It's good to have her here. Sarah is coming next week.

I love my friends and my hubby!

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  1. I don't know if I ever met you in person when I lived in Olympia, but I am wishing you the best, Natalie!!! xoxoxo